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Monday, April 22, 2013

25 weeks - 76 days left

Yesterday marked 25 weeks. Today I had another growth scan to see how the babies are progressing. They also did the check for TTTS at the same time. We got GREAT news! Ronin, who had fallen behind, caught up with his brother a little bit! He is now weighing 1lbs 9oz. Orion is now weighing 1lb 14oz. The gap between them has closed enough that they are now moving my appointments back to every other week instead of every week! We are also pretty much out of the woods for ttts. It looks like the growth difference is being caused by Ronin being attached to the very edge of my placenta. This probably means he's getting slightly less of the placenta pizza pie. Ronin's heart rate was 140 and Orion's was 145. My blood pressure has been great so far. It was 110/67 today. Ronin was being a good little boy today. He posed for his pictures and was well behaved. He is in breech position. Orion, however, did not want to cooperate. His head is sitting right by my pubic bone. It was hard to get his measurements and he wanted to keep his back to us as well.

The MFM was super happy that Ronin had done some catching up. She said, "I don't know what you've been doing, but keep doing it!" Well... between the good thoughts and prayers and lots of protein on my part my little fellas are doing great!

I have an appointment with my regular OB on Wednesday. I have quite a few questions for him about how we are going to proceed from here on out since we only have 11 weeks left (77 days). (Oh..My..Goodness!)

Now the only things we have to worry about is my upcoming gestational diabetes test. I won't be able to drink the sugary goo like most people. I'll have to do some fasting bloodwork and things because the glucose drink will make me super sick. The other worry will eventually be blood pressure. So far it's been amazing, but with a multiple pregnancy, the risk of pre-eclampsia is higher. The final worry is pre-term labor. If I start going into labor between 34 weeks they will try to stop it. But again, with a multiple pregnancy the risk of pre-term labor is higher.

Now for picture time!
Orion sucking his thumb. 25w1d

Ronin posing like a good boy. 25w1d

25w1d... no cute little bump for me... I have baby everywhere and I feel like a hippo!

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