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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Goodbye Worldly Goods....

So glad it is the weekend and this week is over. Work was hell. They pissed me off so bad. They wouldn't let me have the day off so I could meet with TMO. You would think that working on a military base at the Child Development Center they would kind of understand these things... but apparently not. I ended up having to call in, in order to get the day off because Thayer couldn't be at the house the whole time. Oh well... fuck them. Yesterday was my last day of work. I really just wanted to walk in the office and tell them to fuck off and inform them of all the reasons that their employees don't usually stick around long. They get sick of being walked on and treated like shit. It is ridiculous. I agree with a friend of mine that said that we were the prostitutes and the management was our pimps... they basically could treat us however they wanted and we got stuck doing everything with absolutely no pat on the backs or anything... unless of course you are one of their "favorites" and kiss their ass all the time. There are a couple of those floating around. Sorry... I don't play that game. If you want respect from me, you sure as hell had better respect me back. I have never been so HAPPY to be unemployed in all my life!!!!

TMO came on the 16th and 17th. All (well most) of our worldly goods are now in a warehouse awaiting travel to Missouri.Our house looks so empty, but it's a good feeling. I'm ready to start our new chapter more than anything else!

Oh... I broke my laptop. Yep... that was fabulous. I sat it on a bag thinking it was safe then I bumped the bag and it slid off in slow motion and the one side of it fell about 6 inches. The LCD screen is now only white. I took it to the shop on Thursday and they said they would look at it that afternoon or Friday. Now I'm still sitting here on Saturday and they haven't even looked at the damn thing. So IRRITATED!! I really need my laptop to be able to do my homework!! If you say you're going to do something then DO IT! I googled what might be wrong with it. It looks like either the connection is lose between the monitor and the video card, the inverter is bad, or the LCD went completely out. I'm thinking it is probably just a loose connection because there was nothing indicating a problem before it dropped all of 6 inches. It would literally take them all of 10 minutes to diagnose the problem... so why can't they just do it. I guess I'll just keep calling back every couple of hours until they get sick of me and get their shit together.

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