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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

12 weeks bumpdate!

Bean and Bug are now 12 weeks along! So blessed to have made it this far. Can't wait to see them again on my birthday.. Less than a week now! One week until 2nd TRIMESTER!!! Such a MILESTONE coming up!!!

Just when I thought I was pretty much over my morning sickness, it has returned the last 3 mornings. Hopefully, it will stop altogether soon.

I got a new job today. I'm kind of dreading telling them I'm pregnant here in a few weeks, but I really needed the work and I've been trying since October to find something more than just substitute teaching. I should be okay to work until May, unless something drastic happens. My third trimester will begin in May, but school should be out or just about out by then.

I've also been having some serious "growing pains." My hip joints hurt and so does my lower back. I know it's because things are expanding and shifting down there. The last few days I've also had trouble sleeping, mostly because I just can't get comfortable. Because of this and other things, I'm pretty exhausted by the time I get home from work.

Because of the twins, it's like I'm actually 15-18 weeks pregnant size wise. I'm not sure my bump has really changed much this week. I have found I'm much more comfortable in maternity pants. I still haven't really gained much weight, but I'm trying to eat more. According to my twins book, by 20 weeks I should have gained close to 20lbs. Well... since losing 10lbs, I've still only gained about 3lbs back. It could be that the reason I'm still so tired is also because these little buggers are stealing all of my nutrients. Oh well... better them than me. I want 2 healthy, beautiful babies.

Thayer is also going to do some research into possibly (and that's a BIG maybe) transferring to WSU and closer to home. We know that we could really use the help with the babies. Especially if say, one of them is sick. My mom would be able to watch him/her so we wouldn't have to take off work/school to stay home. It would be really nice, but it really depends on how/if things from Missouri State would transfer to Wichita State. It might not even be worth it if some of his classes don't transfer.

12 week bump-date - Don't mind the hair or wrinkled shirt... I worked all day.

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