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Monday, February 25, 2013

17 week bumpdate!

Today marks 17 weeks! Another week down... about 21 to go if I make it to term with the dynamic duo! Term for twins is 38 weeks. The babies are each about the size of an onion. Their cartilage is now turning to bone and they have begun putting on some fat.

I'm feeling them move more and more. Yesterday I had a lopsided belly. They both must have been hanging out on the right side as it was pushed out about an inch further than my left side for a while. They really, really like food. After I eat, they get pretty active. I'm so excited for the day that Thayer can feel them move around too.

I'm still down almost 2lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight even though all I do all days is eat... and eat... and eat. I'm trying my very, very hardest to give the babies all that they need.

Thayer is finally bonding with the babies. For the longest time he was scared to because of the baby we lost. He didn't want to get attached then have something happen to this pregnancy as well. He told me the other day that he's no longer scared that we'll lose them. I would be lying if I didn't have worries at times that the next time we have an ultrasound they'll only find one heartbeat. I thought hitting the 2nd trimester would end my fears, but unfortunately that hasn't been the case.

I'm sure I'll have a lot more to write after we have our appointment on Wednesday. I'm thinking about taking a recording of their heartbeats. It will be the first time we've actually heard them. The other times we saw them on the ultrasound, but couldn't hear them.

I'm starting to look and feel huge. I know that's just going to continue to get worse. At least I look pregnant now, I just look far more pregnant than I am... lol.

Now for a progression of pictures... pre-pregnancy, 13 weeks, and today... 17 weeks... Oh... and all this change with still no weight gain.


13 weeks...

17 weeks (Current)
17 weeks... a view from the top. Belly officially bigger than boobs.

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  1. It is so weird how we can barely gain any weight (or in your case none) yet look so incredibly different. I'm up 3 pounds but seriously look like I'm up 15!

    BTW, you look fantastic!


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