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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poetry by Me

Nostrils flare, inhaling the cold, crisp air.
A longing, a sadness fills me.
The blustery weather penetrates my coat.
My exposed skin dewy with moisture
From frosty drizzle and warm, salty tears.
My core becomes hollow
As I gaze upong the etched marble rock.
I lean and place the flowers.
Their cheerful clors do little to drown the dreary atmosphere.
I stand there for a moment, tears trickling down my face.
Waiting for a comfort, a peace to sweet across me that never arrives.
I turn to walk away.
I can bare the sight no more.
The stone looms as a blatant reminder of your absense.
I pause mid-step and close my eyes.
I turn my head upwards
Willing the sun to shine upong my face once more
To offer a small stream of hope,
But the light continues to fade.
As my eyelids open once more
The wind picks up, catching my hair,
And a raven streaks across the sky,
Squawking it's lonely cry.

If eyes are the window to the soul
Then yours would be the darkest shade of gray.
Hatred consumes you, leaving nothing but a bleak void.
Those you "love" are dragged into the pit as well.
You cling to the damp stonewall of the hell you fashioned
Waiting for a rescue that will never come.
You shriek and howl,
But the words cannot penetrate your desolate cell.
Desperate now, you claw the walls
A futile attempt to make an escape.
Graduatlly your hope and sanity dwindle.
The horrid world in which you reside
Holds no truths; they were washed away by lies.
You sit captive, struggling against yourself.
You curl into a ball in the dreary, dim corner.
Drops of agony stream down your face.
Your prision fills with the salty tears,
And you let out a lonesome wail as you drown.

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