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Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick Update...

So Thayer and I have been married nearly 2 years now (Oct. 16th). We have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year. PCOS is a bitch, and Thayer... well I think he's about a chapter behind me in the book of life when it comes to baby making. I have lived in Minot about a year and a half now. I still don't like it up there and I don't think I ever will. I love Kansas/Missouri. I miss my friends and family (well most of them). I'm back home visiting right now. I didn't really understand just how much I missed my friends and Springfield (college life) until I went there to visit. Hopefully in 2 years the economy will be good enough that Thayer can get out of the AF because I don't know how much longer I can last as an Air Force wife. I thought I knew what I was getting into when I got married to him... but boy did I have no clue. I had this notion that military wives/families formed this bond and became like a real family (you know, like the shit you see on TV). NOT TRUE... it is a COMPLETE work of fiction. I have found out that most military moms won't talk to you or socialize with you unless you've popped a kid out of your vajayjay. There is more drama on a military base than there ever was in my high school. Most military wives think I'm crazy for going to school and getting a degree because I'm apparently supposed to be barefoot and pregnant all the time. They think I'm even MORE crazy because I have no desire to be a stay-at-home mom. Whatever. Oh... and I'm also done pussyfooting around trying not to piss people off. Stupid people suck. Immature people suck. I'm currently going to school working on my Master's degree in Special Education - Learning Disabilities. Online classes are a bitch... and taking 9 credit hours of Graduate classese during the summer is a mistake I will NEVER make again. Thayer and I have 2 dogs, Myst and Kaia. They're cute and a handful. I'm sure there's more... but it is bedtime so I can get up in the morning and work on more homework... yay! *rolls eyes* Sorry for the ranty moments... :-P


  1. I agree with the whole blog lol. you know how i feel about PCOS so i wont even comment on that. i am so glad you started a blog :) Military wives for the most part suck. either the ones with kids wont talk to you because you dont have kids or all they will talk to you about is how they got pregnant really easy and hate it lol. being an air force wife does get easier only because you get use to it lol. my hubby and i have been married over 2 years and the first year or so was hard trying to get use to everything and learning all the letters lol. me and darin were talking infront of my sister the other day about something darin was doing at work and my sister looked at me and said "you really understand what he is saying" lol she thought the force protection sign at the front gate was saying what security forces flight was working lol. it is a different world being and air force wife. when you get back to Minot we have to hang out and form the tv bond lol.

  2. good to hear someone else has been dealing with similar issues. It is definitely a tough place to be in and a rough life when you don't really fit into the community.


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