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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Changes Ahead?

I'm thinking about getting the Lap Band surgery done. I've been doing research about it and some other options. Diet and exercise just aren't working and I don't know what else to do. The military would pay for it 100% if I had it done and it can be reversed and taken out if I ever want it to. It can also be deflated so if/when I do get pregnant I will be able to feed the baby.

Any and all advice is welcome unless you are going to tell me to 1. Relax 2. Don't Stress 3. God will make it happen when it's meant to be.... because 1. relaxing doesn't help when you have a disease and it's hard to relax when you take medicine everyday that makes you feel like shit and reminds you that you're infertile. 2. not stressing doesn't help when you have a disease. 3. Don't EVEN get me started in religion...

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  1. trinity can give you guys a special condom to collect it. they told me i could go in the room with darin to help him get it. lucky me he was a big boy and sucked it up.(although a blow job in a hospital might have been pretty fun lol) i kept telling him if he didnt do it the doctors were going to stick something in there and get it out. i know it sounds mean but the test for infertility only get worse for woman and because of Darins job i have had to drive myself home in lots of pain a bunch of times. i dont really have any advice on the lap band. sorry :/


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