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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Operation Ovulation

Well it would appear that my little follicles have decided today is a great day to burst open. I got an almost positive OPK (it was barely lighter than the control line). I'm also getting bad cramping on my left side which is a telltale sign that my ovaries are hard at work. Today is currently CD16. It would seem that my body is getting back on its normal schedule. I'm super happy and excited about this. I'm glad for the painful cramping. I love knowing that my body is working on its own! I cannot even begin to explain exactly how ecstatic I am that this surgery may have gotten me back on track.

I can't wait to be able to start trying for a baby again, though we really don't know when that will happen. I will be finishing up my Master's this fall. This means no full time teaching job for me. It also means we will probably be without insurance for a little bit. Thayer and I will, of course, be responsible adults and wait until we have the means (aka insurance) to take care of the child. Sometimes I hate how responsible we are. I wish we could be like all the little teenagers and irresponsible people who keep having children they can't afford and take care of. Oh well... I guess my tax dollars will continue to pay for other people's mistakes and lack of responsibility.

I do have to say Thayer and I haven't exactly been to cautious this month. Part of me is so sick of waiting and paying for other people's children I just want to say fuck it and do what I want for once. Forget being responsible for once. *sigh* if only life were that simple.

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