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Monday, April 9, 2012

This Just In....

So there have been other things going on the last week or so. I finally broke down and decided that I needed to make a decision about what to do this fall. I needed to choose between going to work and (hopefully) finding a teaching job down in Missouri or finishing up my last semester on my Master's. I would have graduated in May but I knew I wouldn't be able to complete my internship up in North Dakota because I knew we would move some time this spring. So instead of finishing school this semester I chose to go ahead and begin working on my Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate.

It was a tough decision, but Thayer and I are in agreement that my best choice is to go ahead and finish school. If I put it off longer they could change the degree requirements, the requirements to be a certified special education teacher, or any number of other things which would require additional classes to meet the new requirements. Also, if I didn't go ahead and finish now it might be difficult to find time to go back and do it later. We want to start a family as soon as possible after I've hit my one year post-op mark. That would make going back more difficult. It is going to be rough with both of us going to school full time, but we know it is what needs to be done. After I graduate in December with my degree I will probably substitute teach or look for a para job of some sort until I can start applying for teaching jobs for the following school year. I will have a lot more job options open to me as well once I finish my Master's in addition to being able to make a good deal more money.

I've also had some interesting situations arise in my personal life that I'm working hard to try to sort out what I should and shouldn't do. Sometimes my head and heart are not always in the right spot and I get confused about what would be the best decision for me. I'm ready to get moved to Missouri and see my old college friends again. There are a lot of people I have missed and I'm excited to see them and be able to hang out with them again.

Let's see... what else... Thayer gets jealous a lot easier now. It's like my "value" has gone up now that I've lost so much weight. Last night at Wal-Mart it was really weird. He just kept touching me... putting his arm around me, running his hand up and down my side. It was like he was making sure that everyone knew that I was his. It was just.... odd. I don't know how else to describe it. I guess I must be a hotter commodity in his eyes and he wants everyone to know I'm taken now. I guess when I was fat he just wasn't really worried about it.

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  1. I'm glad things are coming together and that's great that Thayer is showing you more attention but at the same time its kinda sad he didn't show you the public attention before you had surgery. Keep up the good work hunnie


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