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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well I'm finally joining the land of the living again. lol I have been going around and around with AT&T for the last 2+ weeks about getting DSL service at our new place. I would just like to say they have the worst customer service I have ever encountered and if we had ANY other choice for internet service we would be switching to them in a heartbeat.

Now, on to other business. I started my period on Saturday, June 2nd. I'm currently on CD11. I don't really have any explanation for last month. I don't know why my progesterone was so high and caused all of the "pregnancy" like symptoms. I will probably never know. At this point, Thayer and I have decided to let whatever happen, happen. We aren't trying, but we aren't preventing either. I guess I'm okay with that. I just get so tired of getting my hopes up for no reason. I'm pretty much sure at this point that it will never be my turn. June 5th was our THREE year trying to conceive anniversary. In our 3 years of trying I know people that have had 2 children and they started trying AFTER we did. Life inherently sucks and is beyond unfair.

Right after moving down here to Missouri, I got really sick and had to go to the ER. It was really scary for me. I thought I had really hurt/damaged my neck. Instead, I found out that I had a really nasty viral infection that affected my muscle coordination, balance, equilibrium, and muscle strength. I'm almost back to my normal self, but at the height of my illness I couldn't even walk to the bathroom by myself. I couldn't hold a water bottle up and drink out of it. I was almost like a stroke patient. It all scared the hell out of me. I was so worried that I would end up stuck that way for the rest of my life. I spent 14 hours up and the ER. I'm so glad that I'm on the mend now. It really put a damper in getting everything in the house set up after the move. There are still boxes in the garage that need to be unpacked, but I'm really just taking it slow and one day at at time. It took nearly 4 days for my fever to break with the infection and I still feel pretty weak and tired at times.

Also, in other news.... I HIT MY WEIGHTLOSS GOAL!!!!!!!!


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