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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tokens of Fertility

A couple of years ago a woman I met while my husband was stationed in Minot learned about our troubles in trying to have a child. She had experienced infertility herself with her last child (she had just had her 4th). Secondary infertility was really hard for her to deal with, especially when the other 3 were so easy to conceive. After hearing about our troubles, this fellow military wife gave me a gift. She gave me a fertility goddess necklace that someone else had passed down to her. She felt it gave her good luck in getting pregnant as she was finally able to conceive within a couple cycles of wearing it after an extended time before. I was so thankful for her gesture I cried and she cried and we hugged and cried. This all happened right before we were getting ready to begin our first medicated cycle at the beginning of 2011. I wore the necklace, things went well and I conceived on our second cycle of Clomid (while wearing the necklace).

Prior to our first medicated cycle I also purchased a fertility bracelet for myself. It is made of different stones that are thought to increase fertility as well as having a charm for the same purpose. At the end of the blog I will explain all of it with the pictures if you're interested in reading all of it.

Now, that I've explained all of this. The other day I was looking through my jewelry box and came across my bracelet and necklace. I immediately put the bracelet on, but held off on the necklace for some reason. Last night, I started feeling "superstitious" for whatever reason and decided that I had to wear the necklace as well. I will not take it off until I have my dream. Thayer helped me put it on last night and I hope that once again it will bring is good luck.

Just like the women before me, once I have gotten pregnant and carried my baby to term I will find another woman to pass off my fertility goddess necklace. I already have a few people in mind if I happen to get my dream before they do.

On a separate but related note, I'm worried about the future. I keep thinking and planning ahead and this is just causing me a great deal of worry. Let me explain. I will graduate in December with my Master's in Special Education. This spring I will begin looking for and hopefully get a fulltime teaching position as a Special Ed teacher. This being said. If I get pregnant in the next 2 cycles I will have the baby during next summer and will be okay to start school immediately in the fall as a teacher. If I do not, however, I will be due in the fall which isn't good when trying to land a teaching job. I mean really, what school wants to hire a teacher that couldn't work the first month of school or would have to take maternity leave at the beginning of the first semester? This really throws things off. So, do I keep trying for my dream to become a mother or do I put things on hold after 2 more cycles to set up for a teaching job? I could really use some advice!

Tonight is also my last night of taking Clomid. The side effects haven't been nearly as bad as before. I've had a few hot flashes and some headaches and a couple of bouts with nausea. All and all, much better than when I was on it before. Onward and upward with the baby dancing soon!

Now, more about the fertility necklace and bracelet for those interested...

Fertility Goddess Necklace - it is in the shape of a pregnant woman. The pearl represents the head and the turquoise is the pregnant, extended belly. With this particular one, most people wouldn't know it was a fertility necklace unless I told them, and I'm thankful for that.

Explanation of Stones:
Turquoise provides protection, grounding, strength, courage, love and luck.Turquoise is also a token of friendship. Perhaps it's strongest ability is for alleviating negativity. Many Indian tribes associate Turquoise with fertility.
Freshwater Pearls: Symbolize tears, provide love and fertility as well as the prevention of negative events.

Then I also have the bracelet. I think it's pretty and most people would just think of it as fashion jewelry. Again, it doesn't look like anything fertility related. Mine is made up of 3 different types of stones: Moonstone, Aventurine, and Clear Crystal Quartz. It also has a charm on it of a butterfly.

Explanation of Stones/Charm:
Moonstone has a reflective and calming energy by balancing emotions due to stress and anxiety. It is said to have the power to grant wishes. Moonstone is often used for fertility and infertility as it is said to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle and boost female energy. Moonstone is a love stone, and is said to draw love to its wearer. It can help solve problems between lovers. If it is worn during sexual intercourse, it not only can make the woman very fertile, it is said to help impregnate her too. In addition Moonstone is used to promote grounding, protection, sleep, luck, selflessness, hope, clarity, and safe childbirth.

Aventurine is is used to encourage pregnancy and enhance fertility. It is considered a the stone of love, which can boost all feelings and emotions, and also promote optimism and self-confidence. It is also believed that this stone can help to win over the heart of the loved one. It is also used to promote friendships, happiness and increasing luck.

Clear Crystal Quartz is a stone of power. It has healing, protection and balancing properties. It is also used in maintaining your body’s immune system.

Butterfly charm is a symbol of the fertility of the earth and rebirth. It is believed that butterflies are actually spirits that bring the hope and promise of rebirth and new life.


  1. I wish you two the best of luck! hugs!

  2. I saw your blog link on BBC and started following you. I've read a few of your posts, but decided to go ahead and start commenting. We seem to have some things in common, I had WLS 4.5 years ago. I also have a masters in special education and while I used to be a teacher I am now a behavior specialist for a school district (I specialize in autism and behavior). Anyways, I wanted to tell you that I totally believe in the charms. I also have a fertility bracelet that I got that I constantly wear for good luck and energy, I totally believe that it has an impact. Also, I've seen schools hire pregnant women, so while it's easy to say "don't worry about it", I've seen it done. Heck our newest behavior specialist I haven't even met yet because she delivered the day before school started and was just hired in July. Good luck to you and I hope the Clomid works!!!

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