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Monday, December 31, 2012


So yesterday around 5pm I went to the restroom and found blood in my undies and when I wiped. This, of course, immediately freaked me out. I called my OB's on-call nurse who told me, based on the bleeding and the clots I passed in addition to the back pain I was having I should be seen within the next 4 hours. Thayer and I went straight to the ER in my hometown (we are out of state visiting family). The got me back in a room and did blood work and had me pee in a cup. Then we waited for an ultrasound tech to come in. They don't have one on staff 24/7 because it's such a small hospital so they had to call her in. At about 8pm we went back to have our ultrasound. Of course I was expecting the worst.

They started with a transabdominal US and took some pictures of my ovaries and uterus, but couldn't get a clear picture of what was going on in my uterus. She then switched to an transvaginal US. After lots of looking and measuring the ultrasound tech zooms in on my uterus and says, "Looks like we have two kiddos in there." She then proceeded to show us Baby B followed by Baby A. She took pictures and measurements of each and checked their heart rates. Baby A had a heart rate of 174 and Baby B had a heart rate of 177. There are 2 yolk sacs, and based on the fact that I ovulated out 2 eggs, our best guess at the moment is that they are fraternal twins.

Both babies are measuring 8w3d as of yesterday. It was pretty hard to get measurements on them because they were pretty wiggly and one wanted to hide some. Based on the day I ovulated instead of my last menstral periods I should be 8w4d as of yesterday (by LMP I would be 9w1d). The on-call OB I saw said things look good, and they couldn't pin point the cause of the bleeding. Since last night, the spotting has stopped. I'm on pelvic/bed rest until I see my regular OB on Wednesday.

Needless to say, we are a little bit shocked. We didn't really expect this at all. 3 1/2 years of trying for one little baby and not being able to manage it, all of a sudden we're having two. Guess I can look at is as I only have to go through morning sickness, pregnancy, labor/delivery, etc. once because we only plan to have 2 children.

We were too shocked, I think, to even ask for a print out of pictures of the little bugs. We should have those on Wednesday though because they were planning on doing and ultrasound that day anyways.

8w4d with TWINS!


  1. YAY!!!!! THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!! Xmas miracle :)

  2. Wow, so awesome! So excited that you have 2 in there and so glad that the spotting stopped! That can be so disheartening and so scary!

    Praying for you and those 2 lil' buns in the oven!


  3. OMG!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! What a blessing! This is awesome news!! Congratulations! Glad everything is going so well!!

  4. Congrats! Congrats! Felt like I needed to say it twice; one for each blessing!

  5. That's wonderful news, congrats!!

  6. So glad the spotting has stopped and you get to see your little babies again soon!! I had random spotting this time as well and many ultrasounds but all was fine. Praying it is nothing and they continue to grow strong and healthy!

  7. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful surprise!


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