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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Smexy Just In Time

Well it looks like I got my boudoir pictures done just in time because now I'm pregnant and bloated. I'm pretty happy with them! I feel awesome. It's so weird to see my collar bones and shoulder blades. I'm so used to being a fatty with rolls on top of rolls that hid all my bones.

I did some "naughty teacher" shots.

I look naked, but I have a corset on.

This is my favorite... I editted it down.. you can't see my corset and thigh highs :-P


  1. Awesome pictures! You look great. :)

  2. Nice pics! I've always wanted to take some sexy pics for DH, but I've always been to nervous to pull the trigger. They turned out great!


  3. Those are fantastic!!! Wish I was that brave!

  4. Yay happy pregnancy! I'm a new prego also!


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