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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

6 weeks

Today marks 6 weeks. I FINALLY was able to make my first appointment. Let me tell you what a pain in the ass that was. First, I had to wait for insurance approval to make the appointment. I got that on Friday AFTER the doctors office was already closed. So, I called first thing Monday morning. After 15 minutes on hold on the appointment line I told the scheduler about my concerns over weightloss due to my gastric bypass surgery. She told me she would put in paperwork for the referral specialist to look over. The referral person would look it over and talk to the doctor to determine if I would an earlier than normal first appointment. The scheduler told me it would probably take 3-5 days for the referral person. I was so FRUSTRATED. I just want to know that everything is okay. I just want something to go right for me for once. Luckily, today (Tuesday) I got a call back. I have an appointment on Dec. 18th to go in and sign forms and have labs done. Then we have our first appointment at 9w1d on January 2nd. These days cannot get here fast enough. I was hoping because of my medical concerns I would get seen earlier than "normal" but he doesn't seem that concerned about it.

6 weeks - Some bloat

Symptoms: nausea after eating and if I go very long with an empty stomach, sore nipples, fatigue, acne, constipation, restless sleep, peeing more frequently.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear they are not rushing you in. My next OB appointment is Jan 2nd also.


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