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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 weeks and counting...

Today is the 5 week mark. I'm feeling pretty good. Peed on another test a couple of days ago with a 3 hour hold. It was darker than the others. I take that as a good sign. Still waiting on getting into the doctor and making my first appointment. It's frustrating, but I guess patience is a virtue. It's just difficult when there is no way of knowing if everything is going right. Heck, really, even if I could get into the doctor there isn't any way of knowing every moment of every day if everything is going alright. I guess I just need to have faith that it is finally my turn. It's hard when I've been fooled into thinking that before. Yes, I have my hopes up and I try not to think about the "bad" things, but I would be completely lying if I said it didn't cross my mind from time to time. I'm ready for Christmas to be here so we can tell the world our exciting news. I'll be about 8 weeks at that time. It's still before the "safe zone" but I don't want to spend the pregnancy hiding. I want to enjoy every minute because I know it can be taken away from me in a heartbeat.

Tomorrow I'm going into get my boudoir pictures. I'm so excited to see them! I know they're going to look great!

5 Weeks... just some bloat.

Symptoms: bloated, nausea on and off, acne breakout, twinges in my belly, tiredness, moodiness, emotional (crying at weird stuff), sore nipples, and swollen breasts.

I've had no cramping for a couple of days and no bleeding.


  1. Hi I am new to your blog and would have to read further back to know your whole story. I am glad you are staying optimistic and enjoying your pregnancy. Good thoughts lead to good things.=)

  2. i am so happy for you! the whole time i was pregnant the third time i was just waiting for something to wrong. i figured after the first two there was no way the third one would last. it was the longest 42 weeks of my life but i now have a healthy baby boy :)


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