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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And They Are....

Identical Bouncing Baby Boys!!

Their names will be Orion Rey and Ronin Lee!!!!

We found out today that the Clomid had absolutely NOTHING to do with us having twins. Clomid can cause fraternal twins, but not identical. After conception the fertilized egg divided and both zygotes ended up implanting. The twins are in separate sacs, but they share a placenta so it is 100% certain they are identical.

Baby A (8oz) was slightly larger than Baby B (7oz). A's heartbeat was 155 and B's was 161. As far as the anatomy scan portion, both babies were perfect. Brain and heart looked good. It was interesting to see their little hearts beating because you could see all 4 chambers pumping away. Legs, arms, and all other organs were perfect and working.

We also found out because they share a placenta, there are a few extra risks so I will be monitored more closely than if they were fraternal. I will have even more ultrasounds than first thought. I will have a growth ultrasound every 4 weeks, then I will have one every opposite 4 weeks checking the amniotic fluid and making sure they both have fluid in their bladder and digestive system. So I will have one an ultrasound every 2 weeks as they will alternate these different types of scans. The one monitoring the fluid in their digestive system is to help monitor for twin to twin transfusion syndrome. This can happen when babies share a placenta (food source). They are linked through blood vessels in the placenta and in 15% of these types of pregnancies one twin will rob nutrients from the other, making one much smaller than the other. If they see this beginning to happen they can treat it so the babies aren't at risk. I will continue to see my regular OB every 4 weeks along with the MFM doctor. They will work together to coordinate my (our) care to ensure we're getting all the monitoring and testing we need done.

Orion and Ronin snuggled together! B's head is on the left and A's is on the right.
Baby A's face
Baby B's face
Profile of Baby A

Baby A's boy parts

Baby B's boy parts


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