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Friday, March 15, 2013

Frugal Momma

So.. I will be a cloth diapering, cloth wipe using, baby food making, re-usable nursing pad wearing, consignment shopping, yardsale-ing momma.

Yesterday I made 80 cloth baby wipes. I figure if I have to do the laundry for the diapers I might as well save even more money and use cloth wipes when we are at home. The fabric cost me less than $12 since it was on sale. The solution for the cloth wipes is also very inexpensive; water, tea tree oil, baby soap.

I have now bought 24 cloth diapers so far. So that is just over half the stash I need. There are 10 more I want to order, including getting 2 Dr. Suess ones with Thing 1 and Thing 2 on them from Cat in the Hat. Those are definitely ones they will be getting pictures done in as well.

I've also decided we will be getting a Sam's Club membership. It will definitely save us lots of money with the twins, also they have a military discount on the membership and we still qualify for it! It will only cost us $25 a year. Between formula, baby food, meat, etc. we will definitely save way more than $25.

I'm finding and thinking of more and more ways that we can save money with having 2 babies. A teacher's salary isn't going to go too far.

I've also officially scheduled our maternity pictures. I'm having them done at 29 weeks. I'll be plenty big by then, but hopefully I won't be terribly uncomfortable or on bed rest at that point. If these end up being our only children I want to have lots of memories of the time, especially since it took so much work to get them here.

The babies also really, really love food. Within about 20-30 minutes after I eat they get pretty active. Sometimes it feels like they're doing flips in there. They've also found my bladder a few times already. My uterus is well above my belly button now, and my innie belly button is almost an outtie belly button already.

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