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Monday, March 11, 2013

Over half-way there! - 19 weeks

We have officially passed the half-way mark of the this pregnancy. Because the babies will be born at no later than 37 weeks, I'm over half-way through!

Things are going great. The only difficulties I'm having is hip and back pain. I've gained just a little weight now. Not a whole lot, but some. I had bloodwork done at my last doctor's appointment and everything looked great. I wasn't low in any areas, but my glucose level was borderline. It was 71 and normal is 70-100. I hadn't eaten in about 2 hours so now I can really see how important it is for me to eat constantly.

I'm still a little shocked that we're having two boys. I know they're definitely going to be a handful. I'm must happy that they're healthy and I'm healthy. So far, this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful, other than the shock of having twins.

We've started making purchases. We have one crib and a changing table (we're not going to get the second crib until they're a little older because they'll share until they're 3-6 months old.) Lots of clothes that we've been given or gotten at consignment sales, a couple of pack n plays (one for our house, one for grandma's house), 2 infant carseats, a thingy for the bathtub, lots of receiving blankets, and some towels and wash cloths, swaddlers... lol.

19 weeks!

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