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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bark yell bark yell

Ok.. the barking has now gone on for 2 hours... you're out in the yard half that time. Shut your dogs up. Some people's husbands are trying to sleep. Also, its after 9pm and you're kids don't need to be yelling and screaming like wild banshees. I know dogs bark. My dogs don't. They were trained not to... but these dogs bark all the time and at everything. Anytime they are outside they are barking. If the wind blows, they bark. If a car drives by, they bark. Bark Bark Bark... If this continues I think I'm going to make a phone call or go talk to them. It's getting ridiculous, especially if you're outside and you don't do anything about it. lol That is my vent for the evening...

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  1. BARK! :o) I had to do it. I think I know what dogs you are talking about. Every time I walk on your street those dogs go nuts!


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