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Monday, August 9, 2010

Someone Has a Case of the Mondays, but It's NOT ME!

So I think today is going to be the start of a wonderful week. *shocker* for once I'm being optimistic instead of pessimistic! Maybe my happy pills are working?! Anyways, Thayer is home sick again today because his medicince was making him fall asleep at work. He did, however, come home and tell me that he wanted me to go to the BX and buy him nicotine patches so that he can quit smoking. After almost 2 years of marriage he is finally going to keep his promise to quit smoking! I'm so excited and happy for him! I know he'll be healthier after he quits.

Also, on the good news front I'm going to have Thayer call today or tomorrow to make his appointment for his analysis so we can move further on the baby making front. After his analysis comes back I can go in and have more tests run on myself. After his results come back they will schedule me for an exam that makes sure that my falopian tubes are open and clear and that my uterus isn't tilted. I'm pretty sure that Thayer is okay, but there is always a chance that working with the nuclear missles could have messed up his sperm count or motility. I guess we'll know soon enough. After all the test are done being run, I will start back on my Metformin and probably, Clomid. I hope to God that the Clomid works for me. When I first went off my birth control last year I was ovulating on my own, but Thayer's swimmers weren't finding the egg. So I'm hoping that it won't take much for me to start ovulating again.

I also have good news on the weightloss front. I've lost about 5 pounds since I got back from Kansas. I don't know if it's water weight or what, but the scale is saying that I've lost 5lbs! I've been watching what I eat, eating more fruits and veggies and less "bad" stuff. I do treat myself once or twice a week though.

Tonight I'm going to dinner with the ladies, Connie, Martha, Brianna, and Cristina. I think we'll have a wonderful time! I'm glad I'm finally making some friends. I've really enjoyed taking Kaia on walks with all the ladies. Kaia really likes Kenobi and loves walking with him! It's really funny how pissy Myst is when we get back from our walk because I didn't take her with us. I know she couldn't handle an hour or longer walk with her knee being the way it is. Usually when I get home with Kaia, I'll put Myst on her leash and take her for a walk around the block so that she feels special too. Myst is my baby, and I love her to death! I'm so glad we got her the surgery. She still limps at times, but she plays more and you can tell she's not in pain like she was before the surgery. I don't know what I would have done without Myst; she's my little girl!

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