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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Small Victories

So Thayer and I have been going around and around since October about him going to the lab and making his "donation" to be tested so we could proceed with fertility treatments. Today I finally got him to agree to do it. lol I had to bribe my husband. I told him he could get a video game (StarCraft II) IF he called next week and scheduled his appointment to go in and get his little soldiers tested. I realized today that I'm pushing 26 and I want to be done with this whole having babies thing done by the time I'm 30-32. I can't believe I had to bribe him, but I guess whatever works. Once he goes in and gets his little swimmers tested I can go and get the rest of my tests run and then start on Clomid and HOPEFULLY get pregnant in the next year. Here's to hoping.

Kaia and I have started going on walks with Martha and her dog, Kenobi. I really enjoy going and I know that taking an hour or more long walk everyday or every other day has to be good for me. I've been eating a lot healthier (for the most part) so hopefully the walks will help me drop a few pounds. I bought a scale yesterday so that I can track the progress that I'm hoping to see. Once I get used to the long walks I think I'll start adding situps or something else to the workout when I get home.

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