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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blah Blah Blah - Random stuff

This is going to be a blog of random tidbits.

1. I found out that Tricare covers IUIs... so that's good. Those are normally around 5k or more each. They didn't use to. When I first started looking at my options and what was covered by our insurance they only covered a portion of it (aka the medications). I'm glad they cover it all now. They also cover a portion of IVF. IVF on average is 10-15k. If it's done at a military training facility then they cover more because you're their guinea pig to learn how to do it.

2. I went on a really long walk with Martha, Kenobi, and Kaia tonight. The mosquitos are still awful! Why won't they just die already!?

3. Things are getting better with the Provera situation. I'm not cramping as bad and only need medicine a couple times a day instead of every 6 hours or so.

4. Thayer and I had a bit of a disagreement tonight. We're just butting heads about some things that we don't even know will happen. I just want to wait and cross those bridges when we get there.

5. I've been starting to think about the holidays. This time of the year always seems more lonely to me because I don't have family around. I'm so used to all the get togethers and big dinners. I hate cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner for just Thayer and I. Maybe I should see if some other couples want to have a family Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with us. Is that what military families do? I don't even know. Last year we just had some random meal. Thanksgiving and Christmas were pretty just like any other day. I miss the special feelings. I feel bad that I'm not there to watch my one and only nephew on Christmas morning. I think the hardest time of the year when you're in the military is Nov - Jan (January because of my birthday.) I'll get through it. I always do :)

6. I went up to 1250mg of Metformin today and didn't die or spend the day in the bathroom. I consider this a small victory.

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