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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DONE D---O---N---E

I'm done, I've had it. I'm sick of being nice only to be attacked and stabbed in the back. I'm sick of people talking about me behind my back when I've done absolutely nothing to them. I'm sick of people being so unbelieveably unsupportive of me and my struggle with infertility, especially those that have been there them fucking selves. I guess they forgot what it felt like to try every month when their period started and what it feels like to be a fucking failure because you can't start a family. I guess they forgot what it fucking feels like to have other people rub their kids in your face. I'm done trying to be friends with people I'm done being nice. I'm just going to be a bitch. Fuck y'all and good fucking night.


  1. Well I hope you don't feel that way about me. I have no kids Mary and I know we are very different because well it's my choice to not have kids. I understand that some issues just hit a nerve and I hope you understand that at times I just don't get why things hurt you so much.

    I'm not trying to me mean or say you are a mean person because you are not. I hang out with you a lot and we get along great and I hope that will not change.

    And just because something says "mommy" in it, it does not exclude you from it! Hugs.

  2. I have been at the point you are at before as well...I had someone tell me once..."I don't really ever see you having kids...I just don't see it" THey were supposed to be my friend and supportive and they were not either.. Additionally I have had the friends who suddenly didn't want to hang out wth me anymore once they were mommy's, cause they had all ther mommy friends at that point...Adding all that to the stress of being an air force wife...away from famly and the people who we know are our friends and it just gets to be really hard sometimes.

    I hear you though. I also didn't like the "mommy group"...Not sure how a group with Mommy's in the title isn't essentially exclusive, perhaps not intentinally but the implication is there.

    I'm here for you :)

  3. Its just hard because some people don't even try to understand or be supportive (you do try!). Things also seem different to me because I have been told in the past that "no you can't come, you're not a mom." It's even more frustrating when I know someone has been in my shoes, but is incredibly not understanding. I definitely consider you a friend and wouldn't have it any other way... I'm your gringo buddy!

  4. Exactly! We can go to the "mom's morning" together :o) Cheer up Mary smiling always makes the day brighter.

    Thanks gringo buddy!


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