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Monday, November 29, 2010

to quote Thayer "I do what I want!"

So I have a new resolve. I will call Dr. Billings in the morning and demand (yes, I said demand) that he put me on Clomid for three months. I deserve to be able to try right? Sure, the PCOS might my eggs be of poorer quality... but I just want a chance before I resort to more drastic measures! While doing the Clomid for those 3 months... I can work on getting the "drastic measures" set up if it does come to that. That will take a couple of months to get arranged anyway, so I might as well try during that time right? On a side note... I did ovulate on my own again this weekend...This may make you wonder why I need the Clomid. Not only can Clomid make you ovulate. It makes you ovulate better... more eggs, etc.

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