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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Been One Week (Almost)

Tomorrow will mark one week since my surgery. In the last week I have lost 9.4lbs. Pretty nifty huh? Part of that is the surgery and part of that is the only thing I'm consuming is apple juice, water, chicken broth, and jello. mmm yummy right? Tomorrow will be a big day for me. I get to start eating pureed food (think baby food). I'm so ready to have something more. Since surgery I haven't felt hungry and that seems really weird.

Surgery Story!

So I checked into the hospital Tueday night just after midnight. They required me to take a shower with their "special" soap to prep me for surgery the next morning. They then went over a lot of information and I signed a lot of papers.  The nurse also started my IV which took 2 pokes in my left forearm and digging around... when that was no good then poked the top of my hand by my wrist. They also weighed me. This took a while. I finally got to sleep around 3am. Sleeping was pretty difficult because I was anxious, worried, etc.

Wednesday morning around 9am a nurse came in and told me they would be down in a couple of minutes to take me to surgery. Sure enough about 10 minutes later they were there to wheel me down. I kissed Thayer goodbye and off he went to the waiting room. I went to pre-op where I waited around for about 30 minutes before being transported to the OR. They situated me on the operating table, gave me the goofy lalaland shot (if you've ever had surgery you know what I'm talking about) and I was out like a light. The next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery. The nurse asks me how I'm feeling and I told her I hurt. She asked me every couple of minutes how I was feeling and I kept saying that I hurt. Finally she popped off "Well of course you hurt. You just had surgery." If I knew the bitches name..... Anywho, after I was semi-coherent they wheeled me back to my room where Thayer was waiting for me with flowers. Most of the rest the day is pretty fuzzy as I slept most of it. At the end of the surgery I had a catheter, 6 incisions all from 1/2 to 3/4in long between my chest and belly button, and a drain tube coming out of my abdomen.

Thursday.  At this point I'm still on my pain drip (yay for morphine!) I was allowed to get up in my room that day. I sat in the recliner twice for about 30 minutes. I was super drowsy still from the pain meds. I was also able to start on clear liquids again.

Friday. Today was a rough day. They came and took my catheter out so I now had to get up to go to the bathroom. Getting up when lying down when you have your stomach cut open in 6 places isn't exactly a joy ride. They also took my morphine drip away and I was required to get up and walk laps around the halls at least 4 times. It was a painful day. I also started to spike a fever which by the end of the day had gone back down.

Saturday. I got to go home! I was doing well with my liquids. So they sent me on my way at about 11:30am. We stopped in Minot at CVS to fill my pain meds and other prescriptions. By the time we got home (I think Thayer chose the bumpiest road in Minot) I was almost in tears with the pain. I laid down on the couch and that's where I've been pretty much since.

Today - Tuesday again! :)  If I'm sitting or partially reclined I can get up on my own with little to no pain. If I'm laying down I still need help from the husband with the *big* (giggle) guns. (If you know my husband you know how not big his guns are). I've been doing good keeping my liquids down. I've only had a few bouts of nausea and that is mostly when taking my medications.

Anywho... 6 days post op and I'm already almost down 10lbs. I'm ready to get out and get moving again but I know the healing process will take a bit.

On a super awesome side note!!! My MOMMY is coming to visit me at the end of the month. I'm super excited to see her. I know it hasn't been that long since I was home in July but sometimes a girl just needs here mommy and after having my stomach cut apart and flip flopped all around and put (kinda) back together I deserve some momma time!

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