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Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'm really beinging to realize that people of all ages can be bullies. I have heard or read things from women who have to put other people down to try and feel happy with their own unhappy lives. It's really sad that grown men and women have to turn to bullying others to make them feel better about their own shitty situation. You shouldn't have to put down the decisions of others to make you feel better about your own. Maybe, if you're doing that, then you aren't truly happy with the decision you've made. Bad mouthing others is just sad and kind of pathetic when you're pushing 30+.

I chose to have weightloss surgery. Apparently that makes me lazy, unmotivated, etc. in the eyes of some people... including other women/men who are morbidly obese. Whatever. Get over yourself. After 2 years of eating health and no more than 1500 calories on top of exercizing countless hours a week I did what was right for me. Different strokes for different folks. That doesn't mean you have to bad mouth me or bully me and others that have made the decision. I have a disease that makes it nearly impossible for me to lose weight naturally. My body doesn't process food correctly because I have an endocrine disorder. Unless you've been in my shoes, then quit being so judgemental and take a good look in the mirror. If you're bullying people then you obviously aren't very happy with yourself. If you have to justify your behavior and actions by putting other people down then you obviously aren't happy about your situation.

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