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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You Turn Me Right Round Baby Right Round...

So, once again everything in my life is up in the air. Gotta love the Air Force. I'm so over being a military wife. It looks like we might be leaving Minot as early as March now. Thayer's separation date is listed as March 31st. I personally think they are trying to get him out before he goes in front of the medical review board so they can screw him out of disability. I guess we shall see what happens in the next few months. I hate never knowing what I can do with my life and having everything dictated by "the man." I'm ready for us to move on from the military. I know that it's scary for Thayer... and parts of it are scary for me too (like possibly not having insurance). I just want a date so I can start planning. For important things like moving across country I need a plan.

We still are going to be living with my parents for a short time until Thayer starts school and starts receiving his BAH from his GI Bill. I'm not nervous about living with my parents at all... I'm just nervous that my big old honest mouth will get me in trouble. I'm done putting up with bullshit from my family and I'm not afraid to speak my mind anymore. I'm afraid I will be too blunt and honest... but then again I'm not even sure I care that much. The bridge has already been burned to an irreparable state. lol Most of this paragraph has been pretty vague. Sorry... but those who know me very well know the person I'm referencing. I just don't want to start unneeded drama in my family.

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