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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

199... are you outta your mind?

Today I hit another super awesome goal today. My weight this morning was 199! I'm under 200lbs for the first time since middle school. Super... SUPER... excited!! Here's a picture I took this afternoon after work.

I'm starting to look quite a bit different and that makes me really happy. I didn't think I would be under 200 until around my birthday which is just over a month away! Hopefully in the next 3 months I will lose another 50+ pounds. After that... the weightloss will slow down (after first 6 months) but I will continue to lose. It will be at about half the rate of what the first 6 months was.


  1. You look AMAZING!!!! I'm so proud of you! ♥

  2. Congrats thats fantastic!! Weight Loss Surgery is a journey itself..Jan 29th of 2012 i will be 2 years since iv had RNY gastric bypass surgery..went from 289lbs to is so amazing, i have so much more energery..Keep up the fantastic work your doing GREAT!!!!


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