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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Giddy Girl!

Yesterday was an amazingly awesome day. I hit my 50 pound mark AND I fit into a size 16 jean for the first time since middle school. I was so freaking giddy. So far I am loving my journey. I'm loving feeling more confident. I love how my husband looks at me now. Maybe he's always looked at me that way and I never noticed... but still. He's amazed by what is happening to my body. Most of my shirts are starting to look way to big on me, which is awesome! I love my clothes not fitting for something other than getting fatter! I still haven't gotten sick to my stomach and I've only been nauseous 3 times so far. I haven't really had any complications and I'm still losing steadily! I can't wait for the next 3 months. 50 pounds in 3 months is amazing!


  1. AWESOME!!!! Go, lady, go! Your post made my eyes tear up. Love ya~Jes

  2. Way to go girl that's awesome news! If you are starting to get rid of old stuff let me know.


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