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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happenings of 2011

2011 has definitely been a year of ups and a year of downs. It has been one hell of a rollar coaster ride. Here is a brief summary of what 2011 held for Mary Olin.

January - Finished my first cycle of Clomid. Ovulated and chemical pregnancy.
February - Completed a second round of Clomid. Got pregnant on Feb 23rd... Yes I know the exact day I conceived. The doctor said I wasn't going to even ovulate and should just give up and try again the following month.
March - Found out I was pregnant on the March 10th. I started spotting exactly one week later and gave "birth" to our little angel on March 29th. This is seriously the worst and hardest thing I have EVER had to go through. People say mean, cruel, hurtful things. People still do this to this day. I love my angel baby. Baby Hope will always be my first child and I will never forget her.
April - I decided to pursue weightloss surgery to increase my fertility by helping my PCOS and decrease my risk of miscarriage significantly by being at a normal body weight.
May - Mother's Day sucked.... hardcore.
June - Father's Day sucked.... a lot.
July - I went home for a visit for two weeks. I flew and was reminded of why and just how much I hate flying. I was pissed that my sister "conveniently" left the day I got into town so I couldn't see my nephew at all. It was a pretty good visit. Got to see some old friends, though some of them I wish I could have spent more time with.
August - This month marked 4 years since my sister was murdered. Her killer is still at large and the Wichita Police Department is the biggest bunch of fuck ups I've ever heard of in my entire life. I also decided to get gastric bypass instead of just the lap band. I also did one last cycle of Clomid to see if we could miraculously get pregnant. It (obviously) didn't work.
September - September 7th I had my gastric bypass surgery. My mommy came to visit me at the end of the month! By the end of the month I was down 20lbs.
October - I returned to work following my surgery. Thayer and I had a lot of marital issues this month. Things were pretty rocky for a while. We also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on October 16th. By the end of the month I was down 33lbs.
November - By the end of the month I was down 45lbs. I started back on Metformin, and since going back on this medicine to regulate my PCOS, I have seen an increase in my weightloss. My body is actually working correctly so now I can lose the weight more effectively! This was a hard month because Baby Hope was due on Veteran's Day (11/11/11). I can't help but think about what might have and could have been. We went over to some awesome military friends house for Thanksgiving.
December - I helped plan most of the Enlisted Spouse Christmas party. By the 31st of December I am down 61lbs! Christmas was hard this year. I couldn't help but think I should have a newborn and should be hanging a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament instead of my Baby Hope memorial ornament. Christmas has been rough for me since my grandma died when I was 14... it's never really gotten any better, only worse as I keep losing those I love. I did, however, spend a wonderful Christmas Eve with part of my military "family."

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