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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Apples to Oranges

Sometimes I get really aggravated when people try to compare two things that really aren't alike at all. Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about.

- I have had many people compare them working on getting their Associate's degree to me getting my Master's. These, my friends, are apples and oranges. I have an Associate's degree. I know the work it involves. Yes, there are difficult times, but all in all it was pretty easy. You show up to class, you do the homework, you get a grade, end of story. Not saying that these people shouldn't be proud of their accomplishments. I'm not saying THAT at all. I'm simply saying the time and dedication it takes to receive an Associate's degree is less than it takes to receive a Master's degree. Surely this makes sense to most people. Logically, an advanced degree is going to take more effort than a, for lack of better words, basic degree. There is a reason that full time for a Master's program is only 9 credit hours and full time for Associate's and Bachelor's are 12 credit hours.

- Another one is infertility. I know people that have been struggling with infertility for years. Yes, I feel for them to a certain extent. But in some cases part of their situation is their own fault. In a few situations the couples do not have insurance that covers any treatment (this is pretty typical), but instead of saving money they go out and spend it on frivolous things. That would be find and dandy... that is their choice... until they compare their journey with mine. I firmly believe if you want something bad enough you will do anything in your power to try and attain whatever it is you want. I work tirelessly on trying to become a mother. I've saved up money for different things. I've planned ahead and know what treatments will cost and how we will go about affording them. I do all of this because I WANT IT BAD. Going out and wasting your money on stupid shit, then saying "I don't have money for treatments" is just asinine. If you want it bad enough you will save every penny. You would be willing to do anything in your power to become a parent. That is where the apples and oranges come in. I'm willing to do anything to become a mother, including having my insides cut apart and rearranged whereas these people aren't willing to say no to that new tattoo or new car, etc.

There are others, but these were the two weighing most heavily on my mind at the time. I won't apologize for what I've written. I'm not sorry if it offends you. This is the way I feel.


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