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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bitch Showed Up...

Not much more to say than that. Another cycle down the drain. Another month of hoping that was worthless. Another month of prayers unanswered. I swear if one more person tells me "in God's time" I will shove a Bible so far up their ass their mouth will spew pages like a copy machine.

I had an interview today. That looks promising. She sounds like she really wants me in the position but has to go through the whole process of interviewing all the candidates. The director said that if I were to take a position I would be pretty much in line for the next teaching job that opened up as well because they like to hire from the inside. I really hope I get it. Not sure when I'll find out.

I should know by the beginning of next week whether I passed my Praxis exam so I can have my Special Education certification added onto my license. I'm pretty sure I passed.


  1. I know how you feel about people saying in God's time I feel like scremaing when I hear that. Gl next cycle

  2. Your comment about the copy machine made me laugh...way to paint a picture! lol Ugh, I know how bad CD1 SUCKS!!! I hope you get that job so that something good happens and can lift you up. You deserve it! I also hope you'll do something nice for yourself to make yourself feel better this week. The God comment drives me nuts too. I'm like, yeah well I didn't ovulate for 3 years, so I could have just kept waiting for God's timing, but I doubt that is humanly possible to create a baby if I'm not releasing a damn egg. Hello!

  3. I"m so sorry about CD 1 :-( That shit sucks! I'm glad the interview went well. Really hoping you get that position and I am sure you passed the exam, can't wait for you to find out.


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