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Monday, October 22, 2012

Felt Good to Forget

So this last cycle I kind of said screw it and didn't really keep close track of things like I usually do. I took my Clomid CD 5-9. I did a few OPKs but didn't keep doing them until I got a positive. To be honest, I had a lot going on and I completely forgot. Thayer and I just BD'd every other day like usual. It was a lot less stressful. I had ovulation pains and then a temp rise a day later. So I know I ovulated. As of today I'm either 7 or 8dpo. It really felt good to just relax and forget about it for a while. Maybe that will be the trick.

Thayer and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on October 16th. I had parent/teacher conferences that night so we didn't really do much except go to dinner the night before. He bought me a dozen roses and had them delivered to the school. That was really sweet.

This weekend we went home for a visit. My mom and I took my nephew to the pumpkin patch. He had a great time. I love spending time with him. He's so cute and smart, though he can be a handful at times. We also had family pictures done. The last time we had family pictures done was when K (my nephew) was about a year old. I think after my sister passed away we really learned the value of having those memories and being able to look back.


  1. A very happy anniversary to you!! You guys look so great together and the flowers are gorgeous! Glad you had a good visit and good for the TTC mental break. Those are so necessary and important when TTC. I know I always feel better afterwards and ready to take a more active role.

  2. Happy anniversary to y'all!!! I hope against all hope that this is your month!


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