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Monday, December 27, 2010

I Love Rollercoasters, BUT this is bloody RIDICULOUS!

So... the last week or so has been a huge rollercoaster. My moods are unpredictable at best. Anyone that says that being pregnant causes crazy mood swings has obviously never been through infertility treatment and had their body pumped full of every synthetic hormone known to man. The last week has just been rough. First there was Christmas. It's always hard being away from family (well certain family). I miss my mom. I miss my dad. I miss not freezing my ass of in North Dakota.

I also started work 3ish weeks ago now. Work is actually good. Some of the women are well... women. A-typical, catty, cliche belonging, women. Oh... and then there's the ONE woman. She will be called Witchy. I had a run in with Witchy because I was in a room with 10 pre-toddlers. She was changing diapers (which I offered to do). She warned me that one particular child was a 'biter' and to watch him. Witchy wasn't exactly nice in the way she told me this but I brushed it off. So... she was changing diapers and I was in charge of the other 9 children. So Mr. Biter bit her "favorite" while I was stopping another child from hitting his friend with a toy. It then became all my fault that Mr. Biter bit the other little girl. SOOO annoying. She was so rude to me the rest of the day and she's still rude to me and glares at me when she sees me in the hallway. Witchy is also the woman I was warned to watch out for before I was even hired. lol so that's saying something!

Oh... lets see... What else has happened this week. We called the in-laws for Christmas and talked to my mother and sister in law. My father-in-law was spending Christmas "alone" *cough cough* in the Phillipines. Whatever. I'm glad I've never had to talk to him and probably will never talk to him. He's an asshole. Thayer found out from his sister the REAL reason why their dad isn't talking to him. It's not because Thayer got married and they didn't know about it, it's because Thayer married someone that he never would have. In his words... Thayer married a "fat" girl and I'm not good enough to be a member of his family for this reason. Well, it's a damn good thing that this "fat" girl lives an ocean away because I'm sure this "fat" girl could and would kick his ass if he ever had the balls to say that to my face. My father-in-law is a worthless piece of shit. I could go on and on and vent about his stupid ass. You would THINK a father would be happy that his son found someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and that his son was happy. You would THINK that a father would be proud that his son married a woman that is successful in her own right... meaning I put myself through college. I'm working on my Master's degree... etc. NO... he has to be a shallow PRICK.

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  1. I'm sorry your Father in Law is a PITA Mary it's his loss for being that way to not only his son but to you. Glad work is going good and sorry to hear your moods are all crazy hugs!


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