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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Assumptions make and ASS out of U and ME (ASSUME)

I really hate when people assume things. In fact, it is one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm sure we're all guilty of doing it from time to time but isn't it easier to just ask? So I'm going to lay things all out for ya'll about some assumptions people like to make about me.

1. Yeah I post sad status' on Facebook. Sorry if you don't like it. You can get over it or delete me. I post them about many things and I don't usually come right out and say what caused it because sometimes it frankly isn't your effing business. Like back in October I posted a status about wanting to go curl up and cry. Someone assumed it was about my infertility and got all mad at me and lectured me. It turns out that that day was my sister's birthday. Hmmm why might I be crying on my sister's birthday... because she was murdered in 2007. I think I have the right to want to curl up and cry on that day if I damn well want to. Was I going to post to the world that it was my murdered sister's birthday? NO.

2. I'm fat because I'm lazy, eat bad, etc. Yeah I'm a fatty... if you don't like it don't be my friend. I'm the way I am because well I'm the way I am. I watch what I eat... (1600 calories a day)... I exercise... I have a condition that makes it EXTREMELY hard to lose weight, plus HELLO look at my family... we're all fatties. I'm not a pig, I don't over eat. Before I was in preschool I was put on every steroid known to man to try and help my horrible asthma, which probably didn't help.

3. I'm a bitch all the time... NOPE I'm a bitch some of the time. I'm a bitch if you're a bitch to me first or if you try to hurt my family or friends.

.... Hmmm I'll have to add to this when I think of more...


  1. You tell them Mary! And that's why I <3 ya!

  2. I totally tried to like a blog post hahahahaha...I have thought many of these things so many times before. People think they know everything about us, especially now in this age of internet and openess, even given how open we are, we still keep some things to ourselves and so there is still some secrets to us!


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