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Monday, January 2, 2012


My first blog of the new year...

I am setting some resolutions for myself. Just some self-improvements that I know I need to make and some goals that I have for the coming year!

1. Lose another 46lbs and reach my goal of 150lbs! If I lose more, that would be fabulous, but I know my original goal is definitely well within reach!

2. Start trying for a baby again in September. Hopefully I will be ovulating on my own and my PCOS won't give me any more grief in the process of TTC.

3. Be more patient with Thayer. He's just a silly boy and can't really help the way he is sometimes (lol). I know he was raised much differently from me and I need to be more understanding of our individual differences.

4. Develop a closer (just a little) relationship with my in-laws (except my father-in-law who can kiss my ass). My mother-in-law is planning on visiting us this summer with my sister-in-law. It would be nice to get to know Thayer's family a little better since I've only met them once in the over 3 years we've been married.

5. Keep working on my self-confidence. Losing 60lbs has done WONDERS for my self-confidence, but I know that I still have areas I need to work on.

6. Keep working hard on school and (hopefully) graduate in December with my Master's Degree. I would really like to keep my 4.0 GPA as well. I'm super proud of all that I've done, and I hope to continue that into the new year.

7. Continue to love my husband and my dogs. Seriously, without Myst I don't know where I've been. She's been my little bundle of joy for almost 8 years now. She's an amazing little dog and I love her to pieces. Kaia is growing on me more and more now that she's starting to calm down and behave a little better. As for Thayer, we have certainly had our rough spots in our 3 years of marriage. I hope this year will be better for us.

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