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Friday, November 16, 2012

Double the Fun (pain)...?

So this month I think I ovulated from both sides. There's no real way to confirm it. I didn't take an OPKs this month. Not really sure why. I just didn't feel like peeing on anything for once... lol. I got ovulation pains on the left side on CD 17 an then had a .8 degree temp spike the following morning. This confirms ovulation. The ovulation pains were pretty intense. I ended up taking tylenol to try and bring it down a couple of notches because it felt like someone was stabbing me with and ice pick. Then on CD 18 I started having ovulation pains on the right side. It was the same stabbing feeling. I know it is possible to ovulate more than one egg. That's how we end up with fraternal twins. I suppose only time will tell. I guess that it is a good thing... at least the swimmers have two targets to shoot for. Now the waiting game begins. I'm 2dpo... 12 days to go. Please, please... for the love of cookies and candy... let me get pregnant this month. I could really use a miracle this Christmas.


  1. Go spermies, go!! I would be so thrilled for you two if this was "the one!!!" :D

  2. More follies means more chances. I think that's a really good sign! KMFX for you!


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