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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful for Things

Here is my second installment of things I'm thankful for in my life.

Day 8
I'm thankful for my awesome car. It gets great gas mileage which allows me to go see my family. We bought my car at the beginning of the year and I still absolutely love it. On this last trip it got 29mpg... which is better than 99% of all other vehicles in it's class. It drives and rides great. It has enough room for both of the dogs as well as kids when we finally add them to the mix.
Day 9
72 and sunny! Today I am thankful we escaped Minot! It has made a huge difference in my attitude and outlook on life. So happy right now! (Not that I don't miss my friends up there though). While I was enjoying some beautiful weather it was snowing and blowing up in Minot. The winters there and other aspects always seems to make my moods feel sullen and dreary for majority of the year. I always seemed to be in a funk that I just couldn't shake. Things have been a lot different since we moved. I'm generally a lot more happy. Thayer and I bicker less. I'm able to see my family as often as I want. There is a lot more to do if I choose to do it. I've gotten to see all my old friends and spend time with them. I'm so happy that we left Minot. This doesn't, however, mean that I don't miss the friends and 2nd family that I made up there. Hell, I've even seriously thought about visiting sometime in the future just to see them.

Day 10
Today I am thankful for awesome friends. Some I've had for over 2 decades and some are new. Some are close and some are half a country away. All of the are special in their own way and I love them. I know I always have someone to call when life gets me down.


Day 11
First, today I am thankful for all the men and women, past and present, who have served our country. I am forever in debt to you. This includes my grandpa Mallatt; my dad, and my husband. From my time as a miliary wife I saw first hand how much bullshit men and women in uniform put up with and just how much they sacrifice to make sure we're all safe.

Second, I am thankful that I got to know true and unconditionally love of being a mother. Today would have been Baby Hope's 1st birthday if she arrived on her due date. I love her to the moon and back and can't wait to hold her in my arms one glorious day.

Day 12
I was thankful that my bottle of wine was chilled when I got home. lol... not that I'm an alcoholic, but I do enjoy a good glass of Moscato after a rough day. I subbed in a middle school room and some of those kids.... geez.

Day 13

I am thankful that my stomach finally quit being upset. It was a long night. I apparently ate something I shouldn't have, and it sent my stomach reeling for about 3-4 hours.

Day 14
Today I'm thankful that I O'd :) Now the waiting begins. Maybe I'll get my Christmas wish this year! I ovulated yesterday (CD17). I confirmed this morning with temperature rise and ovulation pains yesterday. We timed everything pretty good this cycle too... so... here's to hoping I have good news in about 2 weeks.


  1. Keep this grateful attitude, Mary, and you’ll live a more contented life. :) Among all these things, the awesome car and the result of the pregnancy test thrilled me the most. Congratulations! They’re really a blessing in one’s life, especially the latter. I hope the baby still gets to drive that car in the future. I’m sure it would still be fit to hit the road when she’s finally allowed to drive. ;)

    Tyra ^.^

  2. Reading posts like this makes me smile. I mean I barely see people doing such things. It may be one of the simplest ways for you to show how grateful you are with all the blessings and happiness you’ve received in life. ;) Anyhow, my vehicle is quite similar to yours. I also prefer having a car that has roomy seats and a spacious cargo space.

    Stelle Courney

  3. I’m glad I came across your blog, Mary! Being thankful for simply having a car that lets you visit your family makes me feel thankful for all the blessings my family and I have shared for years. It would be nice if you’d write more inspiring blogs that remind people, who are easily discouraged, that there are other things to be look forward to or be thankful for. =)

    Ivo Beutler


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