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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


There has been several times that I have been told that people love that I am so open about my infertility journey. I bare my soul on my blog about anything and everything in my life. It makes me feel good when someone tells me I'm doing a good job or that I helped them get through something or even that they can relate to how I'm feeling. It's a relief to know that my own personal struggles can help someone else.

A few days ago I got a huge dose gratitude from an unlikely source and thought I would share it with you all. 

A friend of mine, I'll call here Sarah for the sake of anonymity, made a huge confession to me. She told me that she was pregnant with her boyfriend's baby even though she was on birth control. She is part of a very strict Catholic Mexican family and knew that it would absolutely break her parents heart. This friend is a smart, successful woman. She went to college and graduated last spring. She just happens to be part of that .1%. She came to me to tell she was pregnant not to hurt me, but to tell me that I had helped her decide to keep the baby. She had initially wanted to have an abortion because she knew how much her parents would disapprove. Her exact words were as follows: "But just wanted to tell you that after thinking a lot, I decided to keep it and you were one of my reasons, because I've seen you stuggle for one, and you were a inspiration to keep it, because of you I realized so many women dream of one so much it would just be cruel and horrible... It is a gift no matter how hards it's gonna be... so I don't know if this will affect you or not, but I just wanted to let you know that in some way you helped me and my little one."

My point is not to advocate for or against abortion. Personally I believe it is a choice everyone should have access to. My point is that you never know who or how your story can help others. If I hadn't been open and willing to share my experiences and desperate longing to have a child then she may have made a different decision. It's nice to know that I have made a difference in not only her life, but also her child's life. It's nice to know that my struggle isn't always in vain and that other people are getting something out of hearing and reading my story. You never know what sharing the good and bad in your life end up doing.

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