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Saturday, January 1, 2011


So today is/was the first day of the new year. Hello 2011. So... as with many years in the past I do a year-end review of the previous year. Thus a summary of my 2010 follows.

January - I began going to school at UND and working on my Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities. I also turned 25 years old. I went home for a visit that was cut very short. I quit working at The Workshop.

February - Not much significant happened. I think we went out for dinner on Valentine's Day or something of that nature. Oh... I almost forgot. I picked up Kaia and she became a member of our family.

March - Thayer turned 24. My mom also celebrated her birthday.

April - Can't think of anything big.

May - Myst turned 6. She also had to have knee surgery to fix her torn ACL.

June - Probably peed on something and hoped I was pregnant and I think I met my buddy Martha in June.

July - Went home again for a visit with both of the dogs. Got to see my college buddies for the first time in over a year. Went to Kimani's birthday party. Took 9 credit hours of Graduate classes and nearly killed myself with homework. My parents celebrated being married 26 years.

August - Hmmm made some more new friends in North Dakota... and probably peed on some more things and hoped I was pregnant.

September - Can't remember anything....

October - Thayer and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary by going to Bismarck and staying the night in a hotel. We went to the Pumpkin Patch the next day. Got some testing done for infertility.

November - Kaia turned a year old. Got some more testing done for infertility.

December - I started working at the CDC on base. Skyped with the family for Christmas. I finally got a prescription for Clomid and will start it in January!

So... all in all... in comparison to other years, 2010 wasn't that bad. I've certainly had worse years, but it could have been better. In 2011, I hope that Thayer and I will finally be able to start a family with the help of Clomid. I hope that I will have a healthy pregnancy when I do get pregnant and we will have a wonderful bundle of joy to celebrate with for next Christmas. I hope that 2011 treats me well!

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