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Sunday, February 20, 2011

la la la... and a couch

So... this blog will be a bunch of random crap from my life that has happened in the last week.

I haven't ovulated yet... so I'm super happy about that... but worried at the same time. I had my U/S last Wednesday. My biggest follicle only measured 13mm. The last time I had my U/S at that time, my follicle measured 17mm. I was super sure that having the stomach flu during my Clomid cycle had thrown everything off. Now, I'm not sure if it did or not. It is ideal that my follies be over 20mm when I ovulate. Follicles grow at the rate of 2-3mm a day... so if it was 13mm on Wednesday... then as of today they should be measuring 21mm at least. It's not bad for them to get bigger, but it's not really necessary. Now I'm starting to worry and think "OMG what if I don't ovulate at all!" If I don't ovulate by tomorrow night I will probably call Dr. Billings first thing Tuesday morning and see if he wants to do another U/S to check size then do a trigger shot. I was starting to get a faint LH mark on my OPK's and it's still there, but it quit getting darker and is just staying about the same color. Also, I can feel it when I ovulate. I get cramping that is slightly different than period cramping. I haven't had that yet, so I know for certain that I have not ovulated yet.

This month I have been trying my hardest to not make Thayer feel like he is being used. I've tried to make the timed intercourse more fun and exciting instead of "ok.. today is the day. Let's get it done." Sometime's it is hard to make planned sex fun and exciting. (not that ya'll wanna know about our sex life). Don't get me wrong... we have a great sex life, but knowing that we have to have sex every other day and we can't just take a roll in the hay whenever we want gets a little... too mundane for us. We like to be spontaneous.

Let's see... this weekend we had a great weekend together. We had a date night on Saturday. On Sunday we went to Slumberland because they were having a big President's Day sale. We bought a new sectional for half price! I'm super excited to have really nice furniture. I love feeling like an adult and having such a nice house with nice things in it. Our next big purchase will be a new bed (King Size this time) and a new bedroom set. The only problem with this is that Thayer and I have way different tastes when it comes to furniture. He likes more traditional and I like things that are more modern. Hopefully we'll be able to find something that we both agree on! We will move our current couch down to the artic room and move the futon up to the spare room. Our 2nd bedroom is completely empty. One day it will be a nursery.

I'm also planning a surprise for my Mom for her birthday. She turns 50 this year (lol sorry mom). I'm bummed that I can't be there to celebrate with her, but I wanted to do something nice for her.

Also, Thayer and I will be going home for a visit this summer. We are leaving after work on July 8th and we'll leave to come back home on the 23rd. Kaia and Myst will be making the trip with us. It will have been a year since the last time I was home. The weekend we make it home we are having a family/friend cookout at my parent's house and the following weekend will be the "Boy's" birthday party out at the barn. It's just a big, drunken party for my dad and some of his friends who have birthday's in July. I hope that we will be able to be at Kimani's birthday party this year. Hard to believe he will be 3!

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