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Monday, February 7, 2011

Wish I Didn't Know Now, What I Didn't Know Then

So I got some blood work results today from the day I had my ultrasound. They checked hormone levels and all that to make sure all was on track for another month of trying to get pregnant. Come to find out I had an "early pregnancy loss" or a "chemical pregnancy." Things still look okay for us trying this month so I guess that's a good thing... but I kept saying something felt weird with this period. Things weren't going they way the usually did... something just felt off. I guess I was right... there wasn't anything that could have been done about it. I'm going to try to get past it, put a smile on my face, and move on. I cried my tears, thought about what might have been, but now it is time to look to the future. Life is too short to dwell on the past. I almost think it would have been better if I never knew... things would seem less hurtful and complicated, ya know?

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