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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stay on the Sunny Side...

So... I have had a Shit-tacular week. Bad news from the doctor yesterday. Bad news from the husband today. From now on, I'm going to try to stay on the "sunny side" of life.

First to fill you in on the bad news.

Doctor - I kept testing for ovulation with OPKs. I never got a positive... I only had faint LH lines. I called the doctor and he told me "Oh you probably aren't going to ovulate this month. Try again next month." Ok... it wouldn't be so bad if 1. Clomid didn't make me sick as a dog and 2. I didn't have to have a random person stick a "wand" up my va-jayjay twice a month. It seems like all the pain and sickness is in vain when nothing happens.

Thayer - Thayer is more than likely getting early separation from the Air Force. At first it really made me upset. I mean its like we're getting tossed on the street. No job, no home, no insurance, no nothing. After I got home from work Thayer and I sat down and made a plan. If he does get early separation we will most likely have to move by May 31st. If this is the case we are going to go back to Kansas and live with my parents for 2 months until he can start school in August and use his GI Bill and get BAH, etc. He is planning to go to Missouri State University just like I did because they have a great Computer Science program. Thayer was really upset because he thought I might leave him or something. I had to reassure him that NO I wasn't going to live him... I married him for better or for worse and as lot as we have each other, we have everything!

Pluses of getting out of the military:


Things will be okay! Yes, I will miss the wonderful ladies that have become my friends up here in North Dakota... but I also miss my friends and family terribly from back home!

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