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Thursday, February 24, 2011

O is for Ovulation!

So... I'm bloody pissed! The doctor told me the other day that I would not ovulate this month. I am now 95% sure that I ovulated yesterday. I have all my tell-tale symptoms. (I won't go into detail.) Tomorrow I just want to go into the doctor and have blood drawn so that I can know for sure. I WILL be calling the doctor tomorrow and I WILL get what I want. I'm sick of the doctors up here doing a shitty, half-assed job. It just pisses me off that I quit testing my pee because the doctor said it wasn't going to happen. Thayer and I also laid off the baby-making so... even if I did ovulate there isn't much of a chance I'll get pregnant. I'm just sooo frustrated!!! lol It would be my luck that I find out I am pregnant this month and then Thayer gets out of the military. I really do have the shittiest luck in the world. So... hopefully the doctor will do what I want him to and draw my blood. grrr!

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