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Monday, February 28, 2011

Doo Wah D.I.T.Y, dity dum dity doo!

To DITY move or not to DITY move... that is the question. Thayer and I are weighing our options right now. I'm hoping that if we do, do a DITY move that we will have some friend that will help us for some pizza/beer/cookies. We've never done a DITY move, but I think that it might be our best option because most of our belongings will be going into storage for a couple of months.

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  1. you should make some money off a dity move. we did a half dity and got a good amount of money back but it was a pain in the ass lol it will be alot of work but probably worth it in the end and you will get to load the storage unit how you want, thats a plus!


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