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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I need help/advice on making a decision... I would LOVE feedback so please comment!!

I'm currently trying to decide if I should go off birth control next month to see if I'm ovulating on my own. I'm curious to see if losing over 60lbs has jump started my system. My main problem before when TTC is that I don't ovulate because of my PCOS. My PCOS was made worse by my weight. There are many women that lose even 15-20lbs and their bodies start operating normally again. I just really want to know! I can't risk getting pregnant right now though. That's where the hold up is. I would have to go off of my BC so that would mean using condoms (ew!!) or making sure we abstain around the time of ovulation. I'm just not sure what to do and the curiosity is really eating away at me. I don't want to wait until next September when we can start again to find out! I want to know NOW! lol So... what do y'all think I should do?

So there are going to be a lot of big changes coming up on my life! I'm super excited for most of them!

We are more than likely moving in March. Thayer officially started his medical board review on the 5th. He was officially diagnosed with asthma. His med board is being fast tracked so it should take less than the "standard" 90 days. He also got his packet to start his out-processing for separation. So now we are back to waiting.

I'm also getting a new car on my birthday! Well... actually the day after, but I'm so super excited. I've been driving the same car since my senior year of high school and I turn 27 this year... if that tells you anything. I have worked hard the last almost 10 years not only earning a Bachelor's but also almost completing my Master's. I deserve a big award for all my hard work. I test drove the type of car I'm getting today and I fell in love. It handled great. It has lots of room and gets great gas mileage! I'm getting a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox!

The other news I have to share is that I made my first weightloss comparison photo. It's is amazing to look at and see how far I've come in such a short amount of time! I'm now wearing a size 14! The first pic was from the beginning of this last summer. The second picture was from New Years Eve! I was feeling a little sassy in it!
63lbs down in the 2nd pic! I'm feeling wonderful and I'm starting to look pretty amazing too!


  1. I have to say it look GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I pinky promise to email you back this week. Life has been so crazy for us...will explain in email!

  2. My friend got the surgery, she also has PCOS. She decided not to get on birth control at all, because she was afraid it may mess up her body. She started getting her periods regular and ovulating on her own. The only thing different is she actually did try earlier then she was supposed to..but her husband ended up deploying & she did not get pregnant (shes been trying 5 years and said theres no way she was wasting ovulation lol). I personally have a hate towards birth control, and no that after getting off it it can take some time to get your cycle regular. Personally what I would probably do is wait a couple more months, when its 6 months before you can start trying then I would get off..that way you have 6 months to get your periods regular, and you should be perfect by the time you start trying!:) PS you look amazing!<3

  3. I obviously don't know what you're going through, but I'm opinionated and you asked for opinions, so I'll share mine. To me it seems like you should wait to go off the BC. One reason, is the risk you put yourself (and a possible baby) at if you accidently get pregnant. And saying you're really careful and don't, what if you don't start having the periods like you'd like. What will that do emotionally? I do however understand that waiting and suspense are KILLER! So, Kim's idea of waiting until closer when you can try, and when you'll be even more likely to be "flowing" as planned. Less risk or physical or emotional damage. Ok. That's almost it. Except to tell you that you look PHENOMENAL!!


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