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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally Some Answers!

So Thayer got the call today. His medical board review is over.

Good news: He is not being medically discharged. We are on the Force Reduction list so we are getting out because of that. -- on that note: We will be getting a separation bonus, yay!

Good news: He can still join the Air Force Reserves because he is not being medically discharged, he has to talk to a few people about it. If he ever comes up for deployment he will have to get a waiver saying that is okay for him to go.

Good news: Thayer will, for sure, be able to start at Missouri State this summer. I will be able to start applying for teaching jobs! Hopefully I can find something, if not, then I guess it's subbing or a para job for me. I'm so ready to be a "real" teacher!

Good news and bad news: My days in Minot are numbered. There are a few certain friends I've made up here that I will miss terri-bad and I'm sure they know who they are. They have been what has made living here at least tolerable. I will not, however, miss 6 months of winter, -40 windchills, or 6 foot of snow.

We don't have a final out day other than we know we have to be off base by March 31st. So we shall see. Thayer has a lot of briefings, appointments, and paper work to go to and get done. Now that the med board is all done the ball can really start moving.

In other news -- I've been working out more. Tonight I improved my time on my mile by almost 2 minutes! I really pushed myself. Sometimes I have to watch it because I don't want to send myself in an asthma attack, but it is so much easier to monitor it now! I just know I need to keep on top of it and do a least a little bit every day no matter how I feel. A little is better than nothing at all!

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