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Sunday, October 24, 2010

In a way... I feel lucky

I've just been doing some thinking. I'm definitely trying to stay on the sunny side of life. I was just thinking the other day about all the women that are struggling with infertility, but aren't lucky enough to have insurance that covers it like I do. I can't even image having to pay for this stuff out of pocket. So I'm lucky, in a way, that we have the insurance we do that covers everything but IVF. I'm excited about all the upcoming things and finally getting some real answers and moving on with getting some "real" treatments started. I know it's going to be rough because I'll probably have to be on Provera most months and that makes me feel like shit, but the results will definitely be worth it!

So... most of my blogs lately have been about my struggle with infertility and I'm sure most people are sick of hearing about my jacked up ovaries. Sorry, it's just been on my mind a lot.

So... what else has been going on? Not a whole lot. School is still going alright. I need to quit procrastinating so much. I keep saying that but it never seems to happen. Let's see... I've finally made some really good friends up here. People I love hanging out with and have things in common with. They're supportive of me and yeah, it makes me feel really lucky. I'm glad I kept trying to make friends and didn't give up. I was on the verge of giving up for good, and then these wonderful ladies showed up! The dogs are doing well. Kaia will be a year old next month! She's so big compared to when we got her. She's starting to bulk up and not look so skinny, and she is loving the cooler weather we've been having. She just wants to go outside and hang out. Myst is doing good as well. She's still momma's little baby, and I treat her as such. I've also applied for some jobs here on base. The Library told me they couldn't do anything with my application because I can't claim spouse preference. I've also applied to be a secretary at the vet clinic, the CDC, and the BX. I would probably like to have a job at the CDC the most, but at this point I just want my own money and to get out of the house. I only want to work about 20 hours a week so I can keep up with school. Still now news about Thayer deploying, but then again he could get orders one day and ship out a week later because he is volunteering. Guess that's all for now :)


  1. I'm glad you didn't give up on friends either! I know we don't hang out a whole bunch, but it's always a good time when we do get together!!

    A word of advice on the job issue. If you only want to work 20 hours, I wouldn't set your sights on the CDC, or any flex job for that matter. With flex you'll work 0-40 hours and there's no guarantee. Just about every flex employee, including me before I got bumped to regular, works 40 hours. And since it is flex, you have to be available 6am - 6pm, and can't pick and choose your schedule. Other than that, I love the CDC and love working there!! Hours-wise, the vet clinic might be a better choice since their hours are so limited anyways.

    I know we're at different points in our school careers, but I totally feel you on procrastinating and getting things done!! But just remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel!! :D

  2. I did not know Thayer volunteered to go! Good luck with school Mary you can do it, you have come this far so keep it up.

    I'm glad you did not give up on making friends, I enjoy hanging out with you even if you do stalk me hahaha Who else would watch scary movies with me and spend nights dancing on the Wii. Oh and who else would just laugh because I broke a wine glass!


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