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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Minot = the Edge of Nowhere

So today I got some frustrating news. I called to make my appointment with the Reproductive Endorcinologist (RE) only to find they have no appointments left for the ONE day that he will be in Minot in the next 4 months. Yes that's right... the RE only comes to Minot once a quarter. This place isn't even the middle of nowhere... it's there very outlying edge of nowhere. The scheduler was going to take to Dr. Corfman (the RE) and see if he was thinking about adding a day to his visit or at least extending it for a few hours so that he could see me. If not I will have to drive to Bismarck or Fargo (he's there once a month) or all the way to Minneapolis where his office is. This is just frustrating news. Why do we have to be stationed here in the edge of nowhere, where I can't get the medical treatments I need without driving 2+ hours. The only good news is that if I do have to go all that distance I might be able to have reinbursement for travel expenses.

Yesterday I made a few purchases on I bought 2 books about infertility. The Conception Chronicles: The Uncensored Truth About Sex, Love & Marriage When You're Trying to Get Pregnant and Unsung Lullabies: Understanding and Coping with Infertility . I hope that they are good and encouraging. I really want to read something that will help me stay in a positive state of mind! I also bought a pack of 50 ovulation tests. They were way cheaper online... only $10 in all with shipping. They are so expensive to buy in the store... even the ones at the dollar store. It was just easier to do it this way. Maybe I won't even have to use them all and I can give them to someone else to pee on. lol That's one of the funny things about infertility... you constantly pee on things and analyze your toilet paper. (see if Aunt Flow has showed up.) If I don't try to laugh about it, then I'm going to cry and I'd much rather laugh.

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  1. i am not sure if they changed it but Darin has to see a doctor who is in Bismarck but comes to Minot once a month and because he is in Minot once a month they will not pay Darin to go to Bismarck. so because the doctor is here once every four months it is unlikley they will pay you to go see him somewhere else. i know it is shitty news and i may be wrong but i dont want you to get your hopes up because i know it makes everything suck that much more


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