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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pop-Up Video.... or Life.

So this is just randomness... be prepared!

+++ I finished the novel, The Book Thief. It was pretty awesome. I would definitely recommend it to everyone! It's about a girl who is placed in foster care in Germany during WWII and is told from the Death's point of view. I am now reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's really quite humerous. I might find it some of it more interesting and funny because I've taught it before.

+++ I went shopping today at the BX and Commissary. I got lots of groceries and some bones for the dogs. Things got a little bit interesting at the BX, but that's all I'll say about that. I also ran into Martha at the BX.

+++ I've started playing World of Warcraft with the husband again. We are playing with some guys from his shop and their girlfriends. It's interesting playing with people that he knows. In that past I've played with strangers who then became friends. It's nice to be back playing again and talking to all my old friends from the game.

+++ I bought pregnancy tests today, just the really cheap ones. I want to make sure I have some on hand when we start back to serious baby making. I probably should have bought a box of Kleenexes or two so that I could use them when I'm crying my eyes out when they come back negative.

+++ I applied for a job at the CDC on base. I've applied in the past but I seem to have trouble getting a job on base because I can't claim "Spouse Preference." I've also applied at the school districts for aid jobs, but I'm told that I'm over-qualified. I just want a job. I'm kinda being picky about where I apply because if Thayer does end up deploying I want to go back home and that will require me to quit the job.

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